Church Regathering

The link below shows the phases of our regathering plan. Remember that we will remain flexible and this serves as a guide only and not an absolute. We are currently (as of June 7th) in phase 2 of regathering.
There are four basic principles we will adhere to as we begin the process of re-opening in person Weekend worship services:

1. It will be a gradual process.
• We will not simply open the doors and have everyone come back all at once.
• In order to rebuild the confidence of people to re-gather, we will take exceptional precautions.
• If we are to be good neighbors, we need to be re-gathering in a responsible way according to professional guidance from our leaders.

2. It will be a safe and cautious process.
• We will limit seating capacity per service, which will require multiple services that are spread out.
• We will remove as many points of physical contact as possible.
• We will have an exceptional sanitizing process between services.

3. It will continue to prioritize ministry to those who will not meet in person such as the elderly and those with other health concerns.
• We will continue with our current online programming such as Sunday AM, Wednesday nights and life-groups.

4. It will be an evolving process.
• We will revise and upgrade this process based on current factors and an immense need for wisdom.