God has called you and placed you at Fellowship with a purpose in mind.  He has also uniquely equipped each and every one of His followers with a special spiritual gift to fulfill this purpose in His church.  It is God’s desire for you to know what that gift is and to use it to serve Him.
The Gifted to Serve Seminar is a perfect way to find that purpose.  In this three-hour seminar, Pastor Mike will teach about spiritual gifts and how they are used in the church.  He will also talk about how to discover your unique gifts and how to develop them more fully.  The Gifted to Serve Seminar is designed not only to discover your spiritual gift, but to provide an on ramp to plug into service opportunities here at Fellowship that best meet your spiritual giftedness.  It is our desire to help you fulfill that God-given purpose that He has gifted you for.
Our 2017 Gifted to Serve Seminar Dates are:
March 11  –  August 19  –  December 2
Gifted to Serve seminars on all dates run from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Space is very limited, so we encourage you to sign up today for the next Gifted to Serve Seminar.